CBS™ High Security tubes: The unique fully secured system for storage in liquid nitrogen



Maintaining sample integrity during cryopreservation is a key consideration for research success, today and for the future.

Since its founding, Cryo Bio System has been committed to developing products which help facilitate the highest quality and security of biological samples during cryopreservation.

The CBS™ High Security tube is CE marked and has Class II/a medical device certification;
offering the opportunity for use in clinical phases and for therapeutic purposes. 

The CBS™ High Security straw concept includes using a cryoresistant resin which can be fully sealed prior to being introduced to cryogenic storage conditions. This concept has been extended to include cryogenic vial volumes with the new CBS™ High Security tube.

The CBS™ High Security tube eliminates concerns related to cross-contamination and sample degradation related to oxidation and evaporation.

Once sealed, the CBS™ High Security tube can be stored in widely available storage boxes and current storage systems. The High security resin material is compatible with cryogenic storage temperatures from -80°C to LN2.

Application fields

• Biorepositories for scientific, medical and pharmaceutical research
• Blood banks and blood transfusion centers
• Cell and genetic therapy units
• Vaccines and thermosensitive drug packaging
• Sperm banks, ovarian tissue banks
• Laboratories and clinics specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technologies.


• Full seals eliminate risk of cross-contamination of the specimen or its environment
• Validated as leak-proof and shatter-proof in all cryogenic temperatures
including temperatures as low as LN2
• Indestructible under normal conditions of use.


• Colored inserts for simple identification in cryogenic environments
• 2D data matrix coded inserts
• Compatible with cryoresistant labels.


• Standard racks, boxes, canes
• Manual and automated filling systems
• Controlled-rate freezers
• Cryogenic storage containers for use in:
– liquid nitrogen
– vapor phase
– mechanical freezers.




 Quality cryopreservation
• All CBS™ containers are developed to optimize cryopreservation of valuable samples
• CBS™ High Security tubes benefit from the CBS™ High Security straw concept expertise in materials and manufacturing
• Thermal seal of CBS™ containers enables direct and complete immersion in liquid nitrogen
• Varied identification solutions without impairing the quality of the samples through temperature changes.


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